Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Entering the Clomid Itch with a capital B phase

Fertility issues suck. So do the medications they use to treat them.

I posted on another blog about my difficulties getting pregnant with a second child. I have a son. He is almost two. I had no real problems conceiving him. It took like 3 months but that was it.

Trying for a second baby is proving to be much more difficult. I am currently on my third round of clomid--and 9 months into trying with no positive results.

Devestating, yes.

But even more devestating is the person I have become in this process.

Ask my husband. He will tell you.


"Constance-1-M" said...

Yeah Clomid made me INSANE. Seriously.

My MIL walked up behind me as I was chopping (something, who knows). I was in mid-sentence with DH & she's poking my back to get my attention. I kid you not ~ I whirled around with the knife in my hand & yelled "WHAT?!?!" After that my Clomid-craziness was a family joke (that I did NOT appreciate).

Would it help any to take it at night & sleep through some of the worst parts of it?

Have they tested your progesterone levels to be sure the dosage is high enough for you?

Constance the 333 & 1/3 said...

Constance 1-M

Thanks for that story. It makes me feel a lot better. And it provided a much needed laugh.

I do take the Clomid at night...and do sleep through the worst of it, but still...

I have not had any bloodwork done, but according to the gazillion ovulation predictor sticks I have peed on, it seems to be doing its job.

Thanks again for the comment!